Did you join the great british home chorus?

Well done if you did! Gareth Malone inspired hundreds of thousands of people every week to sing along from living rooms around the world. The comments on each session were uplifting… ‘you’ve got me singing again’ and ‘it’s given me the confidence to join a choir after lockdown’ were totally representative. But what are your options if you’d like to keep going?

Lessons help everyone

Each person has different goals. Some people already sing in a choir and want to improve their high notes. Some want to be able to reach the low notes! Some pupils just want to be able to sing a note at all and others want to reach Grade 8 or go to music college. Sometimes it’s not even about singing but overcoming inhibitions around standing up in front of people to make business presentations – and singing is a great way to gain performing confidence. The point is, there’s no right reason to take singing lessons, just lots of different and really good reasons.

Do lessons make a difference?

They do! The addictive thing about singing lessons is that you hear your voice change every week. As your muscles get stronger and you learn how your body produces sound (and no, it’s not in your throat), your range increases and your tone becomes more consistent. Songs that you found tough to begin with become easy and you move on to new music that challenges you. If you’re preparing for exams, you work out the pieces that best suit your voice and then coaching helps you develop the right style to communicate the story and the meaning.

So if lockdown’s got you singing again or you feel the need to blow away some vocal cobwebs then get in touch. There’s no big commitment – just come along for a discovery lesson and find out if it’s for you.



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