Presentation Skills Coaching

discover how essential performing skills can improve the effectiveness of your business presentations

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills coaching with Philip can help build confidence, analyse and develop presentation skills and improve presentation. In coaching sessions students work on:

Developing the confidence and ability to give good presentations | standing up in front of the audience and conveying their message clearly | self-development and confidence in social situations | telephone confidence | public speaking skills

Working with Individuals and Businesses

Philip’s experiences as a director, actor and singer have given him a unique insight into the skills required to present yourself to an audience. Many of these core skills are the same for business presentations as they are for musical theatre or opera.

We offer a package of sessions with individuals in a bespoke programme of development. Just get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

A Few of Our Clients

Haslemere Singing Studio has previously worked with:

RS Divers, Portsmouth | Surrey Wildlife Trust | Imago Photography | Udell Group Ltd

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